We’ll be CLOSED

The shop will be closed from Friday, April 18 ’til Monday, May 12. We will be open for the FMZ 12 and 15 walleye/pike opener, but not the FMZ 18 opener. We will not be open for the Quebec trout opener in late April either, but I don’t think that’ll matter, as the lakes will most likely still be ice covered. We look forward to the upcoming open water season!

Current Hours

Starting on the weekend of March 22/23 we will be opening at 8am on Saturday and Sunday. We will return to opening at 6am on Sat/Sun starting May 17th

Spring/Transition Hours are now in effect

  • Monday – CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 8am to 6pm
  • Friday – 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday – 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday and holidays – 8am to NOON.

Statutory Holiday Hours……..

Good Friday – CLOSED

Easter Monday – CLOSED

Victoria Day, May 19 - 6am to Noon


If you need bait outside of these hours, please call during business hours to make arrangements.

Sleeping Bag Butler

We now carry the Sleeping Bag Butlers, also known as the Large Fishing Butlers. These are the same as the Fishing Butlers, but are 36″ long. Big enough to fit around your rolled up sleeping bag, tent or tarp so you don’t have to wrestle with those shoestrings any more. largefishingbutlers

Things to know about those yellow plastic fishing and hunting licences.

This is the third year of issuing the new yellow plastic MNR fishing and hunting licences. They replace the stickers that used to be applied to the back of the Outdoors Card. Here are a few things that you need to know about them:

  • the yellow licence must be kept with your Outdoors Card, otherwise it is not valid;
  • do not leave the yellow licence in direct sunlight or high heat (like in your tackle box on the dock!). The licence will turn black and will be illegible and invalid. We can replace these, but it will cost you about $11 for us to issue you a duplicate licence;
  • the MNR will no longer send you a reminder that your Outdoors Card expires. If you have a 3-year licence, ensure you check its expiry date and have it renewed before fishing/hunting in the new year;
  • we suggest people get the 3-year fishing licence (+ 3-year small game and whatever other licence they can get at the time) when they renew their Outdoors Card for these reasons:
    1. avoid having to carry a yellow licence with the Outdoors Card every year as the licence is printed directly on the Outdoors Card when you receive it;
    2. avoid the yearly price increase for 3 years;
    3. don’t have to remember to renew the licence every year;
    4. but then, if you’re an active hunter, you won’t be able to avoid having to carry those yellow licences, as various hunting licences only become available at certain times and can’t be sold ahead of time.
  • if you have a 3-year conservation fishing licence, you can now upgrade it to a 3-year sport fishing licence. This is sometimes necessary if you want to fish in a derby.


For all you lake trout fishermen, we have the frozen ciscoes you’re looking for!

These are actually Pacific frozen salt-water herring. We have two sizes:

  • 7″-8″ (8 pack) – SOLD OUT (will be re-stocked next year!) and
  • 5.5″-6″ (12 pack) – SOLD OUT

We also carry some specialty terminal tackle used for these, namely:

  • Rhys Davis Anchovy Special rig;
  • Rhys Davis Super Herring Special;
  • baiting needles.

New Website

Welcome to the new revamped Bits and Baits website. With the help of WordPress, we hope this new website will be easier and faster to maintain. With this new technology, we’ve been able to add a Google map  (see the About Us page) so it’s easier for you to find us, a brand new Contact Us page so that it’s easier for you to send us a message, a brand new photo gallery and the website can be viewed on any device.

This page will be kept updated with the latest hours (they change with the seasons), any new products, special sales or just cool articles or pictures.

We hope you like it!

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